Porsche Fan Boy Jerry Seinfeld Joins Acura

As seen below, Porsche extraordinaire Jerry Seinfeld has joined forces with Acura to advertise the new Acura NSX.

“How good will the upcoming return of the Acura NSX be? So good, apparently, that despite still being three years out, the supercar has converted well-known Porsche fan Jerry Seinfeld to worship at the altar of the NSX Concept.  Though we wouldn’t think the creator and namesake of the hit TV show Seinfeld would need any more money (syndication ftw!), here he is shilling for Acura, obsessed with being first in line for a product that the Japanese automaker isn’t expected to begin selling until 2015. Turns out, however, he’s not the only comedian with more money than sense who wants an NSX.  Watch the commercial yourself, and help us posit why Acura would spend millions of dollars producing a Super Bowl commercial that doesn’t promote any of its currently available products. Couple this commercial with parent company Honda’s ad that features Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller, and we think Honda and company have earned this year’s award for spending the most on celebrity talent”



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