Why buy from Harper Acura?

Lynnwood Garrett discusses what makes Harper Acura different from our competition!

Q: What makes Harper Acura different from another dealership?

A: Relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and competitive prices.

Q: What makes it so dependable?

A: Career employees, and very low turn over.

Q: What makes up the core of customer service?

A: Empowering employees to make decisions, instant gratification.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere of the dealerships?

A: It is a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere.

Q: What is the greatest benefit of buying from our dealership?

A: Service after the sale. All of the sales consultant are available after the sale for such things as pairing phones with bluetooth, and answering any questions customer might have about their vehicles.

Q: What are the main reasons to buy from Harper Acura?

A: Competitive pricing, friendly staff, and great service.

Q: What makes Harper Acura a top competitor in the car dealership business?

A: Thirty years of striving every day to make “happy customers.”

Q: What is the inventory like?

A: Acura is a moderate priced luxury automobile, and we have a great selection.

Q: Any examples of things that set Harper Acura apart from other dealerships?

A: Tom Harper and Shannon Harper are in the stores everyday and are very visible.


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